Dragana Jurišić


Seeing Things questions the nature of photographic seeing. Are photographers standing back and taking the wider view which separates them both physically and psychologically from their subjects ‘like the gods gazing down on the earth with Olympian dispassion’; or are they hiding with their presented vision, the hurt that they experience in the process? Does this predicament to get taken by the visual beauty of the scene in front of them – even a very upsetting one - override what is essential to one’s mental health – the optimism of memory? Are photographers tricked by beauty?

When I was very young

I found a nest.

Its chirping young

were fully fledged.


They rose and re-alighted

around my neck,

Made in the wet meadow

a feather necklet.


To them I was not human

but a stone or tree: I felt a sharp wonder

they could not feel.


That was when the craft came

which demands respect.

Their talons left on me

scars not healed yet.


Michael Hartnett






Jurisic's evocative images invite contemplation and through they do not explicitly represent poverty in Ireland, her use of metaphor to draw underlying narratives to the surface is extremely engaging [...] Jurisic's strenght lies in a keen eye for finding poetry in the mundane. By making her own unease the real subject of this exhibition, viewers are in turn challenged to examine their own attitudes towards  uncomfortable and often neglected problem. (David Trigg for CIRCA Magazine, March 2010)

Seeing Things (2008)